A “Show me what you got!” Type Competition

I not only showed…but I won BIG!

The Professional Photographers Association of Manitoba had a challenge contest for its members.  You were given a location to show up to at a specific time. There you would meet a model who you had never met before.  You could only bring one camera and one lens.  Though other decided to take a zoom lens to offer themselves more flexibility, I took a 50MM fixed lens (in keeping with the spirit of the challenge).   You also had to tape over the LCD screen on your digital camera – having  to rely solely on your ability and technical knowledge.  You had a 20 minute window to meet your subject, scout out the areas where you wanted to photograph and to create no more than 14 exposures.

The contest was to demonstrate who could produce the best work under pressure.  Of the 14 images you had taken, you were to select 3.  Once could not have any artwork done to it what-so -ever (though you were allowed to adjust the overall  brightness/darkness  of the photograph.  The other 2 you were allowed to do as much or as little artwork to finish off the image as you see  fit.

For me, the image that I could not do any artwork on was an easy selection.  I had photographed one with that specifically in mind. The others were a hard choice. While I had accidently tripped the shutter 3 times in my haste (DOH – now I’m down to only  11 changes )  I had 3 images besides the un-retouched one I was torn between. Decisions, decisions,  after asking a couple people’s opinions, I finally decided on the following:

 1st photograph was entered  (un-retouched)
Which easily won for the best straight out of the camera image


2nd photograph was entered
Which also easily won for best overal image  

3rd photograph  was a tough call – but was entered
Tied for 3rd best Overal Image

4th photograph
It was a very tough call, but I just decided not to enter it  (I really wanted to, but…… something has to go.  I was afraid the people judging wouldn’t understand and appreciate it.) 
It was my favourite however!

June 8, 2010 - 9:02 AM

Inge - Awesome stuff, as always Bruce! I really, really love the last one – the one you didn’t enter! But all of them are winners. You’re one hugely talented dude!!!

June 8, 2010 - 6:47 AM

Gilly - You should have entered the last one – absolutely love them all! You made great choices and what a great idea for a challenge!

June 8, 2010 - 1:04 AM

Tony Fanning - Cool stuff, nice idea for a challenge too!

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