Animal Accreditation

I admit it, I’ve been lazy!  For years people have been telling me I should apply for my Animal Portrait Accreditation from the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC).  What that means is you 10 images in a specific category of photography (in this case Animal Portraits) to be judged anonymously by a nationally qualified panel of judges. If all of your images are accepted you are then considered to be a specialist in that particular field of photography. If they all do not all pass, you have some work to do before you re-submit. I’ve heard of photographers re-submitting their work  3, 4, 5 time ands still not being able to pass.   As I had 5 Accreditations to my name already and I’ve been on the national judging panel numerous times, I am very familiar with the process.  Finally I gathered these 10 images and applied for my Animal Portrait Accreditation.  

I’m proud to say that not only was my submission accepted unanimously, the scores were almost off the charts!  (That upped my acceptance record for Accreditation Images to 60 for 60!)  After the judging one of the judges found out who created the submission and contacted me and stated that was the best Animal Portrait Accreditation submission he had ever seen.  As he runs a series of seminars and programs for teaching professional photography, he asked me to write an article for his website.  His students are fellow professional photographers from around the world who attend workshops/programs from a series of international photographers he selects to put on the programs at his school – “The Niagara School of Imaging”.

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