Kids portraits in Winnipeg – Daddy’s little Girl

Kids portraits in Winnipeg are an all time family favourite activity. There is always a special relationship between a parent and their child.  That relationship is even more special when it’s a father and his daughter.  From the very first time he set his eyes on her in the hospital he falls in love and swears to protect her always. A  little girls’ first hero is her father.

kids portraits in winnipeg – a special time

Daddy takes her for ice-cream, suffers through wearing a tiara for “tea time” along with her teddy bear and the family dog and even teaches her to dance with her tiny feet placed onto his shoes as they sway to the music.  Her tiny hand in his, they walk along the water’s edge after supper during family vacations at the lake.  He proudly runs along the bike holding onto the seat as he teacher her to ride for the first time – a bigger and bigger smile taking over his face as she gains confidence and begins to be steady on the pedals. He buys boxes of Girl Guide Cookies…even though he hardly gets to eat any of them himself.

It’s time for kids portraits in winnipeg

Suddenly he find himself having to share her with some boy as she develops her first crush. Then he patiently teaches her how to drive in the family car – a double edged sword.  Dad’s realizing his little girl is getting more and more independent – she’s growing up fast…..where did the time go?  Friends, hobbies, boys, sports and a million other things now take up her time and he watches the little baby girl he held so tenderly in his arms after she was born (it seems just like yesterday) now rather quickly turning into a woman before his very eyes. Then things get serious with a special boy and he finds his little sweetheart looking dreamily at him ….like she used to at you – her dad.  It’s all part of growing up and it’s normal you say to yourself, but you can’t help but long for those special moments with your little girl when it was just the two of you and you were the only one she looked up to and admired.

Life happens so quickly.  Before you know it those special moments are distant memories.  Help remember those special times with family portraits that capture that special relationship you have with your children.  Imagine coming home after your daughter’s wedding sitting down in your easy chair at 3 o’clock in the morning,  totally exhausted….. but still too wound up to get to sleep. You’re filled with pride, but also a little sad as your “little girl” is now all grown-up and doesn’t need you any more like she did when she was little.  Looking up you smile as the tear rolls gentle down your cheek.  Your looking at wall portraits of you and your little girl taken years ago when you were still her hero and the only man in he life. Those portraits will mean the world to you then and you would never trade them for all the gold in the world.

Don’t wait another day to create those amazing portraits that you cherish for the rest of your life. This is the true value of family portraits, and why only a Master Photographer can create these special types of portraits for you. Today’s it’s not too late, but tomorrow may be….kids portraits in winnipeg

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