Forget Reindeer, Santa really loves Dogs and Cats!

Ah yes, it was another fun filled season at Barks N’ Bubbles Pet Spa!  As you may or may not know, for the last several years Impact Photographic Design has teamed up with them (plus the big gut Santa himself of course!) to offer Holiday Pet Portraits.  This year the portraits were offer on three different Sundays in December on location at Barks N’ Bubbles.  Not only were we taking photographs there, but the majority of orders were printed and delivered on the spot as well (only larger prints and most greeting cards had to be sent to the lab).  So while at other places that take pet portraits you wait in line for hours just to get a quick 2 or 3 pictures taken, were as with us you’d show up for your appointed time, have a mini session (with variety of different images taken), you’d be shown the been shown the best of the best, you’d place your order and you would LEAVE with your images in  usually no more than about an hour, or to put it another way…. in less time you’d be standing in line with your barking dog and frustrated kids just to get your pictures TAKEN!  It’s gotten to be a family tradition for a lot of people to come down every year, we’d photograph the entire family, just the children and or course Sparky, Jake or whatever their four legged family member was called.
As you may have guessed by now…yes I’m an animal lover!  LOL   Animals brighten every home they are brought into and the love, affection and trust they give you is a wonderful thing.  I’ve always said “Pets are People Too!” and I mean it.  Your animal friend is a huge part of your family, and that’s why I make sure I always encourage every client to include their four legged friend as part of the family photographs……because he or she IS a part of your family!
Special thanks once again to Marlene of Marlene’s Designer Portraits for her help during the event.  She was working away steadily away like one of Santa’s Elves on the computer – showing everyone their images, taking orders, doing the computer work and printing while I was busy barking, meowing, growling, whining, etc to get the animals attention,  lying on the floor to get the proper angle,  getting my lenses licked by loveable dogs….well, you get the idea!   Your help made it run smoothly once again!

Here’s a quick sampling of some of the animal portraits we did this Christmas Season at Barks N’ Bubbles…..

December 30, 2010 - 7:56 AM

Marlene Fast - We did have so much fun! And the families of these pets will cherish these portraits forever! Great job Bruce and you just might twist my arm again next year to be one of Santa’s elves! 🙂

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