Hell has Frozen Over…..Goodbye PC, Hello iMac!!

You’ll notice that I have not posted anything in my blog pretty much all summer -since July 5th actually.  A bit of a bummer…. let me explain why.

As a Windows user all my life, last January I purchased a custom built new Windows 7 64Bit machine…loaded to the max actually.  Things were going good but in June it really stated acting wonky.  To the point in early July where it was giving me blue screens of death several times a day – not exactly conducive to getting work done!  I used to tell people I would switch to Apple when Hell froze over. Well, it was chilly for a while this summer! lol  After a few days of heavy thinking, I decided to cut my losses and dump my 7 month old new Windows production computer and make the switch to Apple.

Unfortunately, by the time I made the complete switch over there were still a few things that needed to be sorted out.  As the summer was getting busy, the spare time I could find was used to getting accustomed to Mac as well as finalizing the way I wanted to work – networking with my laptop, setting up my backup up configuration so all image files are protected, etc, etc.  All of a sudden…it’s October!  What the heck???  I’m still asking what happened to August, never mind September!  Well, thing seem to be pretty close to finalized and I’m happy to say so far so good! I’m really happy with the way Mac does things – a nice change coming from Windows.

For you tech heads out there, I ended up getting a 27”, 2.93GHz i7 Quad Core with 8 GB of Ram.   256kb of L2 Cache per Core, and 8 MB of L3 Cache

Yes, I still have a Windows Laptop – hey I’ve already spent over $7,000 on computers this year so I’ll be letting the Visa cool off before I make the complete switch and go with a Mac Laptop.  Plus, I still have a couple important pieces of software that are only available for Windows, so there’ ll be at least some sort of PC sticking around for a while.  But as far as the main computer goes, I’m now a Mac head!  So far so that I’m close to dumping my BlackBerry and switching to the iPhone 4!  🙂

So sorry for laps  in posts this summer.  Even though fall is even more hectic for me than summer is… I’ll do my best to keep up and let you know what is happening in the World of Impact Photographic Design!

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