Hey Winnipeg- summer is around the corner…HONEST!

Winters in Winnipeg can be entertaining – as in “Do anything to entertain yourself to keep your sanity…”.  Of course, the changing of the seasons is always great to witness, though we all agree the summers need to be a little longer  (three cheers for climate change????).    As the snow is finally melted (please no more!), all of Manitoba is anxiously waiting for the warm weather to arrive and the leaves and flowers to come alive.  I’ve talked to several clients who are waiting with baited breath for the summer to arrive so we can photograph their family portrait outdoors as they desired – be it in their yard, at their cottage or somewhere special or interesting in the city.

For instance,  last fall I was holding a mall display at Kildonan Place and I met Ivan.  He loved my work (thanks Ivan!) and he wanted me to create family portrait of his family, something special to hang on their walls. After meeting and discussing their tastes, Katrina, Ivan and myself  decided that we would use a split session – both in park because they loved greenery, as well as in the exchange district because of of their love of Architecture.  The plan was to do something semi casual…. relaxed but they didn’t want anything “goofy”.  No problem!  In the end they actually ended up with three different wall portraits, one of the boys, a canvas of the family, and a collage of several different images – along with several small portraits of each of the boys, their 4 legged buddy “Cacique” as well one of Katrina and Ivan.  As their oldest is nearing the age where he may leave for University or College – it may very well be one of the last family portraits before  their boys grow-up and the family starts to expand. They wanted to capture the six of them (dogs are people too remember!) so they can always remember this time when they were all together under one roof.  An amazing time when the children were still kids and no matter what stresses life will ever throw at them in the future –  simply looking at the portraits will remind them of the most important things in their lives……  no matter where in the world everyone might be.

Remember, life can get busy, and before you know it time slips away.  The opportunity may pass itself up to capture this special time in your families life.  Call today and let’s set up a time to capture your precious family memories THIS summer!  ( It’s just around the corner after all – honest!)

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