Judge Joe Brown is my HERO!

I always say state that digital technology has allowed photographers to do more and more amazing work for their clients. Unfortunately the average ability of “professional photographers” has drastically decreased, which  means the general public is ending up with worse and worse photographs.  How can that be?  Simple – some people looking to make a fast buck have decided to buy a cheap camera, call themselves professional and  start advertising  for clients.   It’s the worst in the wedding industry, as these people  advertise low prices and take advantage of couples who have no idea what a talented professional really is worth.  When someone really is skilled and talented, they can create something awesome with even the simplest of equipment.  A camera is only a tool that is used to capture what the photographers wishes to share with the word in his/her images.  

Here’s an episode of Judge Joe Brown who has  one of those cheap/unskilled photographers in his courtroom.  Let’s just say Judge brown teaches two of these untalented types a lesson in his courtroom.   It had me smiling from ear to ear!

Watch the case here! 

March 4, 2010 - 8:50 PM

Marlene Fast - Amen – I watched this as well and I hope that the public gets more aware of what it is to be a professional photographer!

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