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It’s been a while since I updated the blog – very sorry about that! While there is lots to catch-up about, I wanted to jump right back in and talk about a project that I’m really excited about!

Craig Street Cats is a no-kill cat shelter in Winnipeg, Manitoba that is in need of some financial TLC. As “technically” the city doesn’t allow people to actually feed, care for or even neuter feral cats (how stupid is that?), they can not become a register charity. Other technicalities even prevent them from getting grants to help them out controlling the feral cat population in this city and take some of the lonely kitties off the streets and get them into forever homes. So sadly, they are left to pay the bills solely by the generosity of their donors.

Last fall there was a major financial drain as there was a disease effecting many of the cats on the streets. Major vets bills (which in a normal year reach $50,000.00) caused them to be in a tight financial situation. I stepped up and offered a complimentary family portrait session from Impact photographic Design complete with a photograph (a total $350 value) to anyone who committed to becoming monthly donor of at least a minimum $25/month.

They are still trying to get out of that financial hole and need all the support they can get. Therefore Impact Photographic Design has come up with some ideas to help them out. In the works are calendars, posters and greeting cards projects all to be sold with profits going to Craig Street Cats to help with the continual influx of bills and expenses. They are not ready to be sold yet… but the sessions are happening to create them and hopefully product will be on their shelves soon for everyone to buy!

In the mean time before the calendars and cards are ready, please consider becoming a monthly donor to Craig Street Cats and help them pay for the wonderful work they are doing finding lonely kitties forever homes!

Donate here:


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