Meet Curt and Emily

Meet Curt and Emily.  I first met the two of them about a year and a half ago at the Wonderful Wedding Show in Winnipeg back in 2011.  They really liked my work and we agreed to work together for their engagement and wedding photographs.  True they are really nice people  – a great couple…..but besides that the main reason I agreed to work with them is that really understand how import photographs are.  They “get it” so to speak.   Too often people don’t realize the power of a photograph, how meaningful they are – how they stop time and allow you to remember and celebrate  specific events forever.   Memories of important and meaningful times in our lives can never be replaced.  Having albums and wall portraits around your home of your family celebrate the true meaning of family… and starting a new family off properly with photographs that celebrate the love of a couple through engagement and wedding photographs are the perfect way to start a married life.    Not every couple values photograph unfortunately.  I try to only work with people who really understand how meaningful photographs are.  People who understand how important it is to have photographs of a loving family on the walls of your home – the message of love and closeness that it subliminally sends to your children every day as they walk past those portraits on the way out the door to school.

Though we spend the better part of 13 hours with the couple photographing their wedding, here is a small collection of the images we captured for this couple.   They are going to end up with a 60 page wedding Album as well as a canvas wall portrait that celebrates the start of their married life.




Winnipeg City Councillor Thomas Steen

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Winnipeg City Councillor and retired Winnipeg Jet (version 1.0) Thomas Steen.   Thomas has run out of hockey cards, but continues to get requests from around the world for his autographed hockey card.  After discussing his needs we came up with an interesting concept.  Playing on the ex pro-hockey player theme we went with a concept of beautifying the city of Winnipeg by publicly planting tomato plants.  We used half of an old hockey stick to support the plants.  It was a homage to his past career of a famous hockey player in the city he loves.  Above is a series of images from that session.

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Winnipeg Chapter – Night of Honour

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Winnipeg Chapter

Recently the  Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Winnipeg Chapter  held a “Night of Honour” to say “Thank you” to the many volunteers that so graciously help their cause throughout the year….myself being one of them.  It was an evening of fun and fellowship.  After a great  dinner was served a 45 round table discussion panel spoke about their thoughts of where Breast Cancer Research is going and the challenges they face today.  The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Winnipeg Chapter does this every year as a way of giving back to their generous supporters.   Pink stuffed dogs as well as other give-aways greeted each attendee at their seats, as well as each person had an opportunity to win one of the many great door prizes the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Winnipeg Chapter had arranged.

My involvement with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Winnipeg Chapter:

I’ve aligned Impact Photographic Design with many difference charities over the years as a way of giving back to the community.  The Special Olympics, The Winnipeg Humane Society (as well as other Winnipeg Animal Shelters) are just a couple of examples of charities I’ve worked with the last few years.  However, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Winnipeg Chapter holds a special place in my heart as my Mom has twice survived Breast Cancer.   The first time she battled it I was living in British Columbia and was a working partner in a studio out there.  The news hit me like a brick wall – especially seeing that she was to be having surgery early the following week.  I had a wedding to photograph that Saturday so I could not fly out until early Sunday.  Those few days until I was able to hug and kiss her were pretty stressful on my part and I can only imagine what it was like for her to go through it.  Thankfully she  beat the disease.  The chemotherapy was difficult on her, but she was able to manage through it.

Unfortunately, the Breast Cancer came back in her other Breast several years later after I had already move back to Winnipeg.  Once again however, my Mom showed her strength and determination by not allowing this disease to best her.  A little older and not as strong, she still was able to fight through the battle and win it…again!  of course she had concerns and major reservations about going through another round of Chemotherapy, but together with my Dad at her side driving her daily she (well they actually) won that battle as well.

I believe Karma played a roll in my Mom winning the battle against Breast Cancer twice in her life.  When I was young the neighbour lady across the street had Breast Cancer.  My Mom was there for her every step of the way, even driving her daily to her Chemotherapy appointments even though my Mom  had her own family to take care of as well as worked part time.  My Mom is that kind of person, selflessly giving of herself when others need help.   In case you don’t already know it I love my Mom dearly…my Dad as well.  I’m very lucky to have them both still alive and relatively healthy.

So anyway, with my Mom’s history of battling Breast Cancer it was an obvious choice for me to align my business Impact Photographic Design with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Winnipeg Chapter.  It just seemed like something I needed to do.

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Winnipeg Chapter

Here  are a few photographs of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Winnipeg Chapter Night of Honour:


F a c e b o o k
R e c e n t   P o s t s
C a t e g o r i e s
A r c h i v e s   &   T a g s