Signature Engagement Album….

Amber and Dale…two very fun, playful people!  I met them about a year ago after they had seen my work and they asked me to photograph their wedding (did I mention they have great taste as well?  lol)   Ego aside and back to my story here… back when there were still some leaves on the trees (seem so long ago doesn’t it?) we got together for some engagement photographs.  A&D had seen some signature albums I had done for other clients and really wanted to do one for their wedding. If you are not familiar with the concept, a signature album is guest book that the attendees at the wedding reception get to write their best wishes and congratulations in.  This type of book is waaay more personal then the old style guest book where people write only  A:) their name B:) where they are from c:) their signature.  Really, who wants to look through a bunch of papers with stuff like “Aunt Edna -Tuelon?  The answer …nobody! With a signature album however, not only does the couple’s personality come out in some cool images, their guests can write something meaningful in the book. That way 20 years down the road someone is just as interested in looking through and reading the book as they were when they first viewed it at the reception. Amber and Dale’s wedding is coming up in a couple weeks (December 11th, 2010) and here is a peak at the album I created for them that shows off their personalities.

November 30, 2010 - 12:34 PM

Strawe - Yay Dale and Amber! \o/

A Doggie Named “Wink”

The lady on the phone said he loved my work (awe shucks!), and said she wanted photograph of her daughter and their dog.  Well, seeing that they never had a family photograph before I talked her into doing some of the family and even just her and her husband. After all, as important your kids are to you, you as just as important to your kids.  Think of how important it is to you to have photographs of your parents, how warm they make you feel…you wouldn’t want to deny your children the same feelings would you?  of course not.  Most parents will do anything for their children, and creating family portraits creates a family legacy that your children will cherish for the rest of their lives.
So in the end I did both!  They got some great family portraits  as well as some really cute stuff of their daughter and her puppy!  Her’ s cross section of some of the amazingly colourful fall portraits I created for them…..images they all will treasure for years to come!

December 21, 2010 - 5:34 PM

Terri Andrusiak - These pictures are of my cousin and her husband and dauaghter. Your use of the fall colors is fabulous! Emily is such a photogenic girl but you really brought out the fun kid that she is as well in your shots!

Country Wedding, Big City Pressure…..

I met a fellow photographer on a Winnipeg photographic forum a few years ago named Garry.  Over the years we have photographed numerous assignments together, including charity events for the WInnipeg Humane Society, The Special Olympics of Manitoba as well as the the finals of the Manitoba Soccer Association.  Last year he hired me to photograph his son’s wedding that was going to take place this fall.  There’s always a sense of pride when another photographer selects you to photograph their or their child’s wedding – something I’ve had the privilege to do on several occasions. Considering they have a good sense of who does what work in the city and province, when they choose you over all others in the industry really is an honour.  Truth be told it also puts a lot of pressure on you to deliver as well.

In this case Garry’s son Josh and his lovely bride Grace changed their original plans (as well as their wedding date) drastically.  Everything we spoke of and arranged months before hand went out the window…including my carefully crafted time table. Our original 4+ hours of photography time at multiple locations went down to just over 1 hour at the same location as the ceremony and reception at their newly planned country farm wedding.  Not only was the time drastically cut down, the fact that well meaning guests could interfere and delay us with “congratulations and  hugs for the couple” meant that we quickly went from an ideal wedding situation with tons of time and little if no time stress to the most stressful way to photograph a wedding under incredible time pressure.  So much for a photographer’s son knowing better!  LOL   Of course, the pressure of working for a fellow photographer was still there….we’ve just added the most difficult situations possible into the mix.  Great – no pressure!  LOL
I enlisted a fellow Master Photographer Marlene Fast HLM, MPA, SPA, F.Ph. of Marlene’s Designer Portraits as my assistant for the day – mostly being responsible for more of the candid images we would capture while I handled the majority of the  choreographed images of the day.  We lucked out as the weather was fantastic….which was a big help as along with the change of wedding plans, location and date my carefully planned backup indoor location for the possibility of inclement weather no longer existed! Despite all the challenges and pressures, their wedding photography turned out wonderful with the country laid back feel of the changed weddings plans hinted at.  Bellow is a cross section of their images:

Couple Portraits….

In between the all hustle and bustle of the Christmas Season I’m trying to take some time out here and there to update my blog.  That’s right, even though it’s only early November, it’s well into the Christmas Season at Impact Photographic Design! I’m been photographing families and children specifically for holiday gifts since early September.  Such is the calendar of a portrait photographer! LOL  As I write this a giant pile of orders to my left is staring at me.  Its going to have to wait until Thursday however as I am in Kenora Ontario photographing some clients of mine at their cottage tomorrow and then Wednesday I have a couple studio portraits to do and then I must get images ready to show other clients images I’ve created for them.

Anyway… back to updating the blog!  LOL
Here’s some portraits I created for a couple that though they have been together for several years and are now living together…never had any portraits done for them before. After talking and finding out they were a pretty laid back couple,  I decided to approach their session in that way as well.  As they both are part of the Navy (yes, we do have a Navy base in Winnipeg believe it or not!) I decided to use some of the architecture of the navy building in of the images.  She found the building pretty boring, but I said “trust me”.  I found some of the lines & shapes  pretty funky.   As well we also used a local park.   Below is a small section of the images I created for them.

Forget The Soup…. There’s A Fly On Our Rings!

Aleda and WIlliam exchanged wedding vows on September 25th, 2010.  They held an outdoor service at Cherry Hill Estates just outside of Steinbach. The bride really wanted to use St. Boniface Cathedral in WInnipeg for some of their photographers, so that’s exactly what we did. I started in the city at the Cathedral with the just two of them.  After just over an hour we proceeded to drive out to Cherry Hill where another photographer friend of mine Marlene Fast HLM, MPA, SPA, F.Ph.  of Marlene’s Designer Portraits from Mitchell Manitoba caught up with us and gave me a hand for the remainder of the day.
At Cherry Hill we proceeded to use the water and the dock – as you’ll see  as Marlene took a couple images of me lying on the dock to get the angle I want.   As I am known for doing whatever it takes to get the photograph I want, I am getting a rather large collection of myself lying in the middle of the road as cars wiz past me, hanging off the edge of a dock with my dress shoes inches from the water,  balancing high on the top of my step ladder (did I mention I’m kinda afraid of heights?) etc.  Thankfully, I have never gone so far as to require extra insurance in my pursuit of the correct angle…as of yet!
As Aleda & WIlliam’s  wedding was a little low key (the bridal party was not that large and the family members who were able to attend were not that many) the couple originally only requested a relatively smaller album – only 20 pages.  Well, once they had seen the images they had so many they loved that they expanded the album  2 1/2 times the size they originally requested to approximately 50 pages!  Though tough, they felt they would be able to make the hard decisions to eliminating enough images to fit in a 50 page album, while it was impossibly for them to narrow the images they loved down enough to fit into only a 20 page album.  That was fantastic, as if they loved the images so much already, then they would be ecstatic with them after I finish all the enhancements, artwork, and design the finished album!
Every image I present to my clients is enhanced, making an incredible difference to the final product.  The images below from their wedding are not fully enhanced yet.  They only having some effects and toning done to them as well as overall colour and density corrections.  For me that is just the start of the finishing process – where so many photographers call this step their finished art worked images. Nope – not for me!  There are blemishes, blotchy skin, facial lines that need to be reduced and enhanced.  Certain areas need to be darkened, while others need to be lightened.  As dramatic a difference that these image already are from what a lot of other photographers provide their clients, the finished album will be that much different as well from what you are already seeing.  When I send out a finished album, wall portrait, gift images, etc, out the door my goal is to amaze the couple, their family and all their friends.
Below is a cross section of some of the images from their wedding – the ones I decided to post on my blog:
Oh, as for the fly…..  I was taking a close-up of the rings and this fly wanted to check out the action.  I decided to get him in a couple of the shots – doing some with him and some after I got him to take  hike. Well, apparently he’s now a star as the couple decided they wanted him in their album!  LOL
F a c e b o o k
R e c e n t   P o s t s
C a t e g o r i e s
A r c h i v e s   &   T a g s