PPOC-MB “Poser In The Place” winner again!

The Professional Photographers of Canada – Manitoba Chapter holds a contest every few years.  This is a different type of contest as you are only given a time and a location to show up.  You have no idea where, who or what you will be photographing.  Once you arrive you are given 5 minutes to look around and figure out what you wish to do.  You are allowed only to use one lens, have 15 minutes to take a maximum of 12 exposures and, oh yeah…..your LCD screen is taped over.  The idea for that is you must rely on your technical ability and knowledge as a photographer and not wing it by fooling around until you eventually get something that looks half-way decent.  The idea is to see who has the ability to produce something good when you are under the gun and who has the technical ability to work “blind” so to speak.  Usually you are allowed one flash (on or off camera) and/or a reflector and an assistant is provided for you to hold things for you.

While past versions of this contest have had prizes for both best fully artworked as well as best “SOOC”  (straight out of camera) images, this latest contest “Poser In The Place” had only one award and allowed you to do whatever you wished as far as artwork goes to your entries.

Though I felt all but one of my ideas actually worked out very well, I knew that one idea I had stood out above the rest.  It was my very first 2 exposures I created and I recognized what I wanted to do with it right away.  For those of you who had either read the Stephen King book Christine  or had scene the movie of the same name, you will instantly recognize the inspiration.   I knew how I wanted to finish off this image before I created it.

So here is the finished image that won me the contest.  I’m proud to say I’ve won 3 of these type contests (2 fully artwork and one SOOC).  Also here are three other images I created from the same contest.  I created a total of 7 different looks with my 12 exposures.  One I knew right away wouldn’t work (actually would take too much time perfecting to be worthwhile continuing in such a limited time) and my last exposure was finished 20 seconds overtime – so I refused to even consider using it in the contest.






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