Protecting The Public From Bad Photographers!

The photographic industry has been undergoing huge changes the last few years.  With the influx of digital photography, and unexpected situation has occurred.  Some people have decided that without any real skill, talent, knowledge or ability they will jump into the industry to make a fast buck.  They are taking advantage of people who do not know what to look for when hiring a photographer.  Specifically, many young couples who are overwhelmed with the cost of putting on a wedding think they found a way to save a few dollars by hiring one of those unethical photographers. 

The sad thing is, after the wedding is done, the food has  been eaten and the hangover is passed (hopefully) all you have left is your memories. I’ve seen so many brides crying because  they were completely disappointed with the horrible pictures they received.  They really have no memories of their special day.  The thing is, that is something that they will regret for the rest of their lives. The older they get, the more they regret their decision to not hire someone competent.   They have nothing to pass on to their children. 

 To counter act this, I’ve started a group that is dedicated to get the people entering the photographic industry to mandatorily get licenses and certified to even be in business That way, the public will be assured that no matter who they hire, they have at least met a minimal level of ability, skill talent and knowledge.  Of course there will still be a wide variety of skill levels out there – from Master Photographers on down, at least you will assured of that you will not be taken advantage of one of these unethical photographers.

I will soon also be announcing the launch of another blog that is dedicated to helping the buying public when it comes to selecting a photographer.  It will be a world-wide resource and not Impact Photographic Design specific.

Dedicated quality photographers word-wide are throwing their support behind this cause.  Stay tuned!

  This group has been created as a voice for qualified photographers to speak up to governments and start regulating the photographic industry. Those that have dedicated themselves to continually improving their skill and knowledge so they can create better images for their clients while conducting business in an ethical manor are frustrated with the incredible influx of unskilled, untalented and unprofessional people entering the industry just to make a quick profit from the trusting public.

We demand governments start regulating and most importantly licensing the photographic industry to protect both the general public from being deceived and the industry in general. People in numerous professions have to meet knowledge and quality standards to be able to work in specific fields, and it’s about time governments start regulating the photographic industry for the protection of the buying public who are continually being taken advantage of.

The United Sates of America run a Certification Program and the members of this group want all governments to look at this model (in co-operation with the non-profit professional photographic association of that country – Example USA= PPA, Canada = PPOC, Australia = AIPP, etc) as a starting point in creating a system that licences photographers to be able to charge the buying public for their services. A minimal level of knowledge and expertise needs to be met to ensure the buying public is no longer being taken advantage of.

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